Book Pet Peeves #13: The Bookstore Peeves

October 31, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Pet Peeves

13. The Bookstore Peeves
I love bookstores but sometimes they do some really irritating things. Whether it’s that they’re not really “book people” (then why are you working in a bookstore) or they have the best intentions, things the workers do can get under your skin.
1. I was in my local Barnes & Noble looking for a copy of Ruin and Rising for my friend. Not finding it I asked the head of YA and Childrens where it was. She told me that they don’t keep the book in stock and I’d have to order it online. A book that came out in JULY of THIS YEAR! You have got to be kidding me.
2. I swear bookstores make up their own organization system in YA. It drives me nuts. My local Barnes & Noble has their YA divided into three sections but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what they are. To me it looks like “YA, more YA, and Like Twilight YA”. Stop.
3. These people see me in the YA section at least once a week, and I tell ya I’m pretty memorable. I’m a 22 year old who looks like she’s twelve, sporting a new nerd shirt everyday, and under 5 ft tall. So why do some of these people think I look lost or something. I’m here every week, I know what I’m looking for. If I need you I will ASK. I have a bit of social anxiety, please leave me alone. (This is actually just a general retail pet peeve I have, which especially gets on my nerves when I’m looking at things like underwear. GO AWAY!)
4. During the few times I do need help, I swear I couldn’t find anyone for miles. Does everyone go into hiding as soon as they’re needed?
5. That creep looking over your shoulder while you’re flipping through a book. Dude, personal space.
6. Don’t strike up a conversation with me while I’m browsing unless we came to the store together. And even then I really have you like you because, dude, I’m browsing! I’m in the book zone! And if I don’t know you and you don’t work here why are you talking to me? Unless you need a book recommendation, but if that’s the case I hope you have an hour or 7. (After I’m done browsing I don’t really care).
7. That guy in the bookstore chattering away on his cell phone. Loudly. Unbelievably rude.
8. Those people who leave their trash around the store. Gross. These poor bookstore employees are not your maids. Or your babysitters *looking at you inattentive moms and dads*.
What are you bookstore pet peeves? Share in the comments.
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2 responses to “Book Pet Peeves #13: The Bookstore Peeves

  1. Yes I get it! I'm especially frustrated with the no stock situation. It's a new book, why wouldn't you have it in stock? You're a bookstore aren't you?!? It really drives me crazy sometimes :S

    • Right?! Like it just came out in July! It hasn't even been out a year. And it's a B&N exclusive edition. You would think they would stock their own exclusives! *headdesk*

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