Discussion: Ratings Systems

November 26, 2014     erinbook     Discussion, Feature

Ratings Systems

Many bloggers have their own rating systems. Some use the usual star system, others have created their own. But a lot of the differences I see are not in the characters they use but in how they interpret each rating. Let me show you mine.

I do not have a half a nut rating, if a book is that bad I’ll usually DNF it long before I get to that point. I do not rate DNF books other than giving it the DNF. As I’ve not finished the book I can’t actually rate it.

One Nut means a book is beyond saving. I would never have it on my shelf and probably never read it again. Not worth my time.


1.5 Nuts means the book is still pretty bad, but perhaps not a total waste of time. Ok, yeah, it’s still a pretty big waste.
2 Nuts means while the book needs a lot of work, it has some potential in there somewhere.


2.5 Nuts means that while I may like some element on a shallow basis, there’s not enough to call it a “good” book.
3 Nuts means I actually liked the book, but I still have some major issues with it.
3.5 Nuts means this is actually a good book, but not a great one.


4 Nuts means this is a pretty awesome book, not perfect, but still awesome.


4.5 Nuts means this is a damn good book. I need this on my shelf.

I think the nuts suit my blog perfectly. How do your ratings work? Do you use halves? Do you have a special theme for your ratings? Do you rate DNF books? Share in the comments.
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8 responses to “Discussion: Ratings Systems

  1. I agree, the nuts totally suit your site 🙂 I use my cat as my rating scale with mini cats as halves. I don't really have a specific explanation for each rating though. Just a brief one line for the full cats.

  2. We are pretty much on par with our rating systems. A lot of bloggers view 3 "stars" as not so good, but on my blog it is a solidly decent book. I very rarely give a five rating, so my fours are more like most other YA bloggers' fives. To me fives are classics and destined to be classics. I used to follow quite a few Adult-centric book blogs that dealt in more literary type books, and I found their description of five star books closer to mine. It bothers me in a way how many YA bloggers throw 4 and 5 "star" ratings around like free candy. It REALLY bothers me when I read that they have given a book 5 stars because it was a quick easy, or mindless read. 🙁

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