Announcement: Introducing My New Co-Blogger

June 26, 2015     erinbook     Uncategorized

Some of you guys know that I have been looking to expand the blog for a while. I love The Book Nut but I am no longer able to post every single day and I wanted to make sure that we still had plenty of awesome content for you guys. So I went looking for a co-blogger. Yesterday I finally made my decision. 

Everyone, please welcome my new co-blogger, Jenny Haines! Jenny is the author of her own blog, Reading on the Farm and someone I chatted with on and off as a part of No Blog Left Behind. She likes fantasy and contemporary and I’m so happy that she is joining The Book Nut and sharing her bookish love with you guys! 
I am also reaching out to a select few to be guest reviewers from time to time so expect a couple of new voices here and there. As the Book Nut reaches its 2 year mark in August, I hope you all will continue to enjoy our content for many years to come!
Erin @ The Book Nut

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