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Hey everyone! I wanted to thank you all for being such awesome followers as things have evolved on this blog. We’re almost at 2 years, we reached 2000 comments, and now we have a new co-blogger! Jenny and I thought that a good way for us to get to know each other, and for you to get to know her (and also a bit more about me) would be for us to ask each other some questions. So here I am, humming “Getting to Know You” from the King and I, and typing up this post. 

Hi guys! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with Erin – the more I’ve been talking to her the more it seems like we have a lot in common. We thought it would be fun for us both to answer the same questions so we can kind of see how are answers either match up or don’t!

What are some genres you won’t/rarely read?

E: I’m not a big fan of plain contemporary romance. I need something else to keep my attention be it a boarding school setting (I love boarding school stories), the fanfiction in Fangirl, or some fantastic or paranormal element. Otherwise I just get a little bored, I’m not a romantic. 

J: I can’t say I won’t read any genre. There’s definitely ones that I rarely read. I don’t read many adult books and I can’t get into historical fiction for the most part. I also rarely read non-fiction books unless it’s more of a how-to kind of book. Other than that, I’m pretty open to most things!

What is your favorite place to read?

E: My couch. I love my comfy couch, surrounded by my cats and a couple of tasty snacks or a cup of tea. 

J: Usually on my couch. I wish I could read in bed because so many people seem to be able to do it, but I just can’t get comfortable. I either end up with my hands going numb, or dropping a book on my face or something. One day I’ll have a wonderful library with a great chair by a window overlooking the grounds  . . . sorry, got distracted. The couch is good enough for me!

What were your favorite books as a kid?

E: Well I could pull the usual Harry Potter answer, as it was the first book I really got into on my own but that would be too easy. I was really into Robin McKinley’s Hero and the Crown because I was named after the main character. I also really liked The Hobbit from a very young age, my mom used to read it to me out loud. I snatched up every Series of Unfortunate Events book the moment they were released, and the same for Artemis Fowl, but I think my all time loves were Bunnicula and The Shadow Children series. Recently I got to meet Bunnicula author James Howe and I swear I almost fainted. 

J: I was obsessed with horses as a kid, I actually owned a horse and rode all the way through high school. So the books I remember being so enamored with as a kid were horse related: Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague and the Black Stallion stand out in my memory. Once I was in high school, I started reading more fantasy. What made me love it were the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Anne Macaffrey. I still have those on my shelves, they’ve come through 8 moves with me!
As a side note, I remember challenging myself to read Gone with the Wind one summer break. It’s over 1,000 pages I think and I didn’t really like it but I forced myself to finish. That’s dedication lol.

Do you read more than one book at a time?

E: Most of the time, no, but when I am in a slump like I am now I’ll usually have a few going at once. Sometimes I’ll have started multiple books but I’m usually putting my full focus into one at a time. I like to marathon my books. 

J: Nope! I can’t do it. I’ve tried in the past but it just ruins the experience of both books for me. I like to be fully immersed in the book I’m reading and I just get pulled out of that experience when I try to read more than one book at a time.

What made you start blogging?

E: I only have a couple of real world friends that are into reading and we don’t read all of these same things. I had to find more people to talk books with and blogging seemed the best way to do it. I loved following YA Romantics and  Starships and Dragonwings so I decided to put my own blog together. 

J: I was looking for my next good book. After searching fruitlessly for someone to give me a good recommendation I just started googling “good YA books” or something along those lines. And all of these book blogs started popping up. I had never even come across blogs solely dedicated to books before. These were my people! So I started looking into how to start a blog and eventually just jumped right in. It’s been a wonderful experience!

Do you prefer to read ebooks, paperbacks or hardcovers?

E: Ok, so I don’t really have a preference when it comes to the physical copies. I’ll read PB, ARC, HC, turtleback (you know, the dust jacketless hardcovers) whatever. When it comes to eCopies I have a nook but I prefer the smell and feel of a physical book. Also reading from a screen tends to give me a headache after a while/

J: This is a tough one to answer because I love all three formats for different reasons. Ebooks are great to take with you traveling or if you don’t know if you’ll have time to read because you can store so many books on them. I also love the convenience of highlighting and bookmarking in ebooks. Of course, the downside is charging them! Paperbacks are great for me when I just need a book to toss in my purse, I don’t worry too much about them getting banged up and they’re lighter! Also easier to read held in one hand. Hardcovers are my absolute favorites for my collection. They’re beautiful and I just love how they look on my shelves. If it’s an author I adore, I would always want to have the hardcover if possible.

What tv shows do you enjoy watching right now?

E: Where to start? I’ve watched Hannibal since the beginning (#SaveHannibal), Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Torchwood, Supernatural, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, and older shows like Buffy, Angel, and M*A*S*H. I was super bummed when they cancelled Forever. I also love the Great British Bake off and Challenge and Ace of Cakes on Food Network. I recently have been marathoning Phineas and Ferb and just started The 100. As far as web shows I follow Geek and Sundry’s TableTop and I adored Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I want to get into Outlander next, once I’ve finished some of my re-watches and had a brief love affair with Nurse Jackie. I will watch any medical show you put in front of me!

J: Up until this year, the only show I really watched obsessively was Game of Thrones and otherwise I could have cared less, tv just took time away from reading. When I started working at my current job though, several of my co-workers were huge Whovians. Doctor Who was a show that I had toyed with watching over the years but just never started. I asked my husband if he would consider watching it with me and we found it recording on BBC America. We actually ended up starting with season 5 but have worked our way all way through season 8 and now back to the beginning. And we are totally obsessed. It’s just such a great show and it’s been so much fun finding so many people who love it too! Other than that, I really prefer reading or working on my other hobbies rather than watching tv. Who knows though, I might end up finding a new show I love soon!

Are you a mood reader or do you stick to a reading schedule?

E: Mood reader all the way. My brain doesn’t like being told what to do or when to do it. 

J: I am definitely a mood reader. I’ve tried several times to draw up a schedule and stick to it and I just  . . .can’t. It makes me resentful and I find that I don’t enjoy the book I’m scheduled to read just because I’m scheduled to read it, if that makes any sense. If I pick the same book up when I’m in the mood to read it, I find I’ll enjoy it a lot more.

What are your favorite non bookish hobbies?

E: Table top games, Assassin’s Creed (I’m awful but it’s fun anyway), I write a little bit, thrift a heck of a lot and support my local literacy charity, Project Learn. I like to travel and explore the little shops around various places. 

J: Ah, the other things that take up all of my time! I’ll just start by saying that I love crafts. I started by knitting back when I was in high school and did that on and off throughout the years. I also picked up crocheting from there and then about a year ago, I bought a sewing machine. I’m not great yet, but I’ve been having a lot of fun making clothes for my kids and little projects here and there. I’ve toyed with starting an Etsy shop to sell some things but we’ll see!

What is your life like outside of blogging?

E: I don’t drive because of my anxiety so unless I’m out with friends or family I mostly stick around home. I’m slowly getting comfortable behind the wheel, hanging out at my library hoping the librarians will finally pick me as their next page, and looking at library science classes. I have a fiancee in Maryland whom I’m hoping to move in with soon. 

J: Busy! I work a full time job in the exciting world of bookkeeping for a plumbing company and I also have three kids, ages 9, 7 and 5. Right now it’s summer vacation so they’re home from school (aka trying to fight with each other constantly or whining that they’re bored) so when I get home its usually a whirlwind of trying to take care of evryting they need. Reading and blogging is usually relegated to after they go to bed or whenever I can fit it in. It’s a tough balancing act that’s for sure.

Thanks so much for reading, guys! If you have anymore questions for us feel free to leave them in comments and we will try to answer them.

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