Reboot by Amy Tintera

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Reboot by Amy Tintera (Reboot #1)

Release Date: April 1st 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
400 Pages
Received: Bought from BookOutlet
Format: Paperback


4 Nuts 

Description: In this fast-paced dystopian thrill ride, perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Legend, and Divergent, a seventeen-year-old girl returns from death as a Reboot and is trained as an elite crime-fighting soldier . . . until she is given an order she refuses to obey.

Wren Connolly died five years ago, only to Reboot after 178 minutes. Now she is one of the deadliest Reboots around . . . unlike her newest trainee, Callum 22, who is practically still human. As Wren tries to teach Callum how to be a soldier, his hopeful smile works its way past her defenses. Unfortunately, Callum’s big heart also makes him a liability, and Wren is ordered to eliminate him. To save Callum, Wren will have to risk it all.

Wren’s captivating voice and unlikely romance with Callum will keep readers glued to the page in Amy Tintera’s high-stakes alternate reality.

Review: So is Wren taking application for a best friend? Because I’d love to apply. Omg this book, Wren is one of the coolest MCs I’ve seen in a while. She’s got all of the badassery and none of the whiny tendencies that YA heroines sometimes get stuck with. I am certainly thankful of that because Callum is whiny enough for the both of them.

Ok here, what I didn’t get: since when does more human translate into insufferable child? Because at times that what Callum becomes. His heart isn’t just worn on his sleeve, it’s tattooed on his arm for the whole world to see how sensitive and precious he is. It just felt at times like the author was trying just a little too hard to show his humanity. I’m a human and I’m not as emotional as this kid. I just would have liked a little less of that.

Despite Callum’s sometimes irritating personality I really enjoyed this book. I think the concept of Reboots was really interesting, though I never realized when reading the original description that these characters were basically this world’s version of a Zombie. I don’t know why that never clicked until I read it but it made the story much more interesting not quite getting that going in. And I’m not normally one for zombieesque stories, I never got into that phenomenon, so it was surprising that I liked it so much.

This world was actually pretty simple, much more so than a lot of the dystopian type stories that I’ve read. Sometimes it’s that simplicity that can really give the world such a presence. You don’t need to be bogged down with many details, all you need is what’s in front of you.

I really liked this book. It was a different take on a dystopian that I hadn’t really seen yet. It had shades of Divergent’s Dauntless faction with a bit more of a darker feel. I can’t help but want more!

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  1. I actually DNFed this one. I read it last year and I really couldn't get all that into it. The idea was interesting but I just found it very blah. Your review is making me second guess my choice on DNFing it. I might pick it up again if I have the chance! Lovely review!

    Amber ❤ The Book Bratz

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