Of Moving: A Blogger's Journey

August 31, 2015     erinbook     Uncategorized

Moving on its own is already kind of a pain but when you’re a blogger it becomes that much harder. Let me explain…

Bloggers and hardcore readers become accustomed to their surroundings. They know all the best bookstores, all of the cool thrift shops and used places, and know the people who work there. Then suddenly you have to start over, it really blows. I don’t have my project learn stores anymore, I don’t have my precious Barnes and Noble. So here’s what I did:
First was changing my address with all of the publishers, which I haven’t finished doing yet. 
Then I went searching for a new local used place, and I found a great one! Grounds for Thought is a coffee shop/ used book store around 2 miles from the new apartment. I’m way impressed with their selection, the place is huge. It’s not as cheap as my old haunt but it’s something. There’s also a pretty good Goodwill in town which so far has mostly yielded movies and board games but I saw a couple Vampire Academy books there. 
I’ve already gotten a little book mail at the new place and we’re mostly set up there so things are looking up. I have a new job so if I’m a little lax around here that’s why. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on the blog. If you guys have any tips for getting settled in a new place leave them in the comments! 
Much love and keep reading! 

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  1. Moving books is such a great workout!! When I moved I could barely lift the boxes that had books in them (I made them a little too heavy haha). And then I had to get new shelves… because I just HAD to. Haha. GOODLUCK!

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