OAAA 2016: A Chat with Mindy McGinnis

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Welcome back to the ever wonderful Mindy McGinnis.


Mindy was one of the first Ohio authors I ever met and one of the main inspirations for this thing (along with Natalie D. Richards and Jody Casella). So of course I had to include her again.

This round we have another interview! Mindy talks about Female of the Species (her new book) and some tidbits about herself. Take it, Mindy!


1. What is the difference in writing books like DRINK and DUST and then writing something like MADNESS or Female of the Species?

It’s all in voice, but that is true book to book regardless of a genre jump. I’d say the biggest difference of going from something like MADNESS to a contemporary is the lack of research. There’s definitely still research involved, just not the level of world building that you put into a historical.

2. Writing isn’t your only job, can you tell us a little about what else you do?

I work full time in a high school library. Love my job. Nothing quite like it.

3. How do you manage your time between all the different things you do?

Multi-tasking is a big thing for me. I also read 80 or so books a year and try to lift, kickbox or run at least 5 days a week. So if I’m jogging on the treadmill I’m also reading. You learn to say to yourself, No, you don’t NEED to watch House of Cards the second it’s available. You NEED to get this book finished.

4. You did tons of research for MADNESS, what was you favorite part of all of it? Did you learn anything seemingly random that just had to end up in the book?

My favorite part was actually visiting old asylums, especially the Athens Lunatic Asylum in Ohio, which is where MADNESS is set. And yes, I did learn something random that ended up in the book – the crocodile living in the asylum fountain is a true story. When I learned this in the history of the Athens Asylum I knew it had to get into the book. I changed the time period, but that was all.

5. What is your favorite part of being an author?

I make up things for a living. How awesome if that?

6. Who are some of your favorite authors?

In the adult world I’ll read anything by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood. YA you can’t go wrong with Leigh Bardugo, Marissa Meyer and the more familiar names. But some of my favorites are also my critique partners – RC Lewis, Kate Karyus Quinn, and Demitria Lunetta.

7. What was your worst subject in school and why?

Math. I *can* do it. I just don’t want to.

8. Can you tell us a little about Female of the Species?

It’s a rape revenge vigilante justice story. Think if Dexter were a teen girl that wen after rapists. 

9. Which was your favorite book to write?

My least favorite book to write is usually whichever one I’m working on at the time. My boyfriend claims I’m always lamenting that “this one is going to kill me.” And he’s like, “That was the last one, remember?” I do think SPECIES was probably the easiest to write, mostly because the story itself had been percolating inside of me for about 15 years. When you know something inside and out like that, it’s easier to execute.

10. Do you have anything else you’re working on that you can talk about? (Or news, upcoming events, something else you’re up to?)

Yes! My fantasy series, the first entitled GIVEN TO THE SEA, will be released from Putnam/Penguin in April of 2017. I’m also working on a novelization of my short story, “Phantom Heart,” which was included in the anthology AMONG THE SHADOWS. And I have quite a few appearances coming up – check here!


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  1. Theresa

    Great interview! I’ve read Mindy’s first 3 books, loved them!!! Will definitely read all of Mindy’s books as they come out!
    I’m enjoying all these posts of Ohio authors!

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