OAAA 2016: Dream Casting with Amanda Flower

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Today we’ve got another OAAA veteran on the blog! Welcome back Amanda Flower. Let’s take a look at her dreamcast.

Dream Cast for Crime and Poetry

Amanda Flower


Most authors dream of their books making it to the big or small screen someday. I’m no exception, and of all my books, I would love Crime and Poetry to be made into a movie the most. With its zany characters, complicated crime, and magical elements, not to mention the talking crow Faulkner, it would make a fun ride on film.


More about the book:

Rushing home to sit by her ailing grandmother’s bedside, Violet Waverly is shocked to find Grandma Daisy the picture of perfect health. Violet doesn’t need to read between the lines: her grandma wants Violet back home and working in her magical store, Charming Books. It’s where the perfect book tends to fly off the shelf and pick you…

Violet has every intention to hightail it back to Chicago, but then a dead man is discovered clutching a volume of Emily Dickinson’s poems from Grandma Daisy’s shop. The victim is Benedict Raisin, who recently put Grandma Daisy in his will, making her a prime suspect. Now, with the help of a tuxedo cat named Emerson, Violet will have to find a killer to keep Grandma from getting booked for good…


Just in case Hollywood ever comes calling, I have assembled a dream cast for the movie. Enjoy!


Violet Waverly— Of all my characters, my protagonist Violet is the most difficult to select an actress for because she is so distinctive in my mind. However the actress that comes the closest is Isla Fisher. Fisher would do a great job of pulling off the humor and the emotion that the role requires.


Daisy Waverly (Grandma Daisy)—Shirley MacLaine. MacLaine would get Grandma Daisy’s zany and mischievous personality just right.


Chief David Rainwater—Adam Beach. Beach is a Native American actor who I’ve had a small crush on since I saw the movie Smoke Signals in college. Admittedly, I had him in mind when writing the police chief.


Mayor Nathan Morton—Chase Crawford. Nathan is the mayor of the village of Cascade Springs and also the boy who broke Violet’s heart years ago. I could very easily see Crawford filling this role.


Grant Morton—James Marsden. Grant is Nathan’s brother and rival. Marsden would do this wisecracking bad boy justice.


Sadie Cunningham—Zoey Deschanel. Sadie is the quirky owner of Midcentury Vintage, a vintage clothing shop across the Charming Books. She is also Grant’s fiancée.



Amanda Flower, a four-time Agatha-nominated mystery author, started her writing career in elementary school when she read a story she wrote to her sixth grade class and had the class in stitches with her description of being stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel. She knew at that moment she’d found her calling of making people laugh with her words. Amanda is a librarian in Northeast Ohio. She also writes as USA Today Bestselling Author Isabella Alan. Her next release it CRIME AND POETRY coming April 5, 2016. www.amandaflower.com or Facebook

Thanks Amanda! If you’re interested in Amanda’s books check out our giveaway to win a copy of one! 

From our shelf to yours,

Erin & Amanda

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  1. Theresa Snyder

    This new book sounds like a fun read, magic and a cat to help solve a mystery, yes please!!! Zoey is one of my fav actresses and she does quirky well. I like hearing what actresses they see playing characters in their books. Sometimes helps me visual that person or to see if that’s how I visualized that character.

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