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July 31, 2017     erinthebooknut     Book Tag

This tag is a mash up of several tags I’ve seen around the interwebs but is mostly found over at Dreamland Book Blog. I’ve been a HUGE Harry Potter fan since I was a kid so this tag was a must.



Writing Charm

A book you found interesting but would like to rewrite.

I have two for this one. Both had really good premises but the execution was lacking. The Jewel’s biggest fault was the romance while Scorpion Rules had pacing issues.



Unlocking Charm

A first book in a series that got you hooked

Again, it’s a toss up between two. Bardugo’s books always seem to hook me right away but Graceling was a bit of a surprise and had me scrambling for the rest of the books in that world faster than you could say “next”.



Summoning Spell

A book that you wish you could have right now.

*grabby hands* God I hate being poor.


Avada Kedavra

Killing Curse

A killer book…

Haha both literally and figuratively, this book is totally killer. Killer nuns. That’s all I have to say. Moving on…



Confusion Charm

A book you found confusing.

In the most loving of ways. I love Martin but his books need to come with an annotated character guide or something. So many names are kind of similar and who is in what house? Argh. Honestly watching the show right after finishing each book helped a lot.


Expecto Patronum

The Guarding Spell

Your Spirit Animal book.

If you know the story then you know me. God I love this book, even to this day. I will recommend it to everyone forever.



Dark Curse (That’s not what I’d call it but whatever)

A dark, twisted book

Honestly most of Ann Aguirre’s books are dark and twisted, and that’s probably a big part of why I enjoy them so much. I would love to see inside her head sometime.


Expecto Patronum (again?)

The Patronus Charm

A childhood book connected to good memories

Vampire bunnies, werewolf dachshunds, a cat with an over active imagination and a dog that writes. What more could a kid want in a book?



Disarming Spell

A book that took you by surprise.

I actually almost DNFed this book. It was so hard to get through the first half and then suddenly I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop for 3 whole books. And then it was over and I couldn’t wait to do it again.


Prior Incantatum

Reverse Spell

The last book you read

I love Mercedes Lackey’s adult books but these YA ones are something totally different from what I’m used to from here. I’m in love.



Boggart Banishing Spell

A funny book you’ve read

I mean ok it’s a bit juvenile but fart jokes and dwarf butts are still pretty funny.



Amplifying Charm

A book you think everyone should know about

Fantasy plus science plus mystery equals one hell of a book.



Memory Charm

A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read

In a good way…

So I can experience it fresh again.

In a bad way…

Or any Twilight related book honestly. Let’s just forget these happened.



Controlling Curse

A book you had to read for school

For our AR reading in middle school I was trying to find books that interested me. Until I found this series I spent a lot of my reading time flying through books I didn’t care about.



Torture Charm

A book that’s painful to read

Dear god, never again will I touch a Patterson book.



Severing Charm

A book you wish you could separate from its series.

This book was so good, and its sequel was just so not. I like to pretend it doesn’t exist.



Knockback Jinx

A book that repels you.

God, just kill me now. I could tolerate the first 3 books in this series even as bad as they are. However this book is just an unforgivable mess.



Stunning Spell

A book that left you stunned speechless

Though I kind of guessed a few things the beauty of this book still leaves me speechless.


I hope you all enjoyed the tag! Feel free to answer these on your own blog or in the comments below.

From my shelf to yours,




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