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August 20, 2017     erinthebooknut     Book Tag

Good morning everyone, it’s tag time again! This tag is based of a few I’ve seen and a few questions of my own. I’m running out of tags to do so I figure I might as well start a few of my own.

Let us begin!


Zeus, The King Sky God-

Favorite book…

How does one choose a favorite book? That’s like picking a favorite child. I suppose I can come up with a few to start with but only one is not an option.

I could go on, but I will not.

Poseidon- God of the Ocean

A book that drowned you in feels….

I had to go with a full series on this one. The Girl of Fire and Thorns series has a love interest that tops my book boyfriend this and a heroine that makes me unbelievably happy when she succeeds. These books are so good.

Hades- God of the Underworld

Favorite dark book…

This book was daaaaaark. I loved every second of the creepy, evil villain taking control of people and of land, the heroes doing their best to keep ahead of it all. A book certainly deserving of Hades himself.

Hera- The Queen Goddess of Family and Marriage

Cutest couple…

Rowan and Celaena. It makes me so happy every time they get to steal a few moments together. Almost as happy as Rhysand and Feyre. But I always choose them.

Athena- Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy

Favorite intelligent heroine…

The MC of LMSR is one of the most intelligent leading ladies I’ve read about. Her mind is logical and scientifically focused and she has a strong moral streak. I would love to read a few more novels about her.

Gaea- The Great Mother

Favorite world building book…

I love the mix of magic and tech, paranormal and futuristic that Mercedes Lackey creates in her YA series. It’s gorgeously done and one of my favorite worlds.

Aphrodite- Goddess of Love and Beauty

Most gorgeous cover…

I’m obsessed with pretty much all of Rosamund Hodge’s covers. I mean look at these!

Aries- God of War and Battle

Most violent book you’ve read…

Oh this one is easy!

The whole Song of Ice and Fire Series! They’re the bloodiest books I’ve ever read. If anything I would say Martin was Aries himself.

Hephaestus – God of Blacksmiths and Flame

Hottest book you’ve ever read…

Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. I’ve never read a book that had actually had characters knocking trees over in the act of sex before.

Artemis- The Virgin Goddess of the Hunt

A heroine who doesn’t need a man to save her.

Katniss Everdeen. Hell, she’s the one doing the saving. I’m still not convinced she should even bother with Peeta, she doesn’t need him pulling her down.

Apollo- God of Music, Light, and Healing

A book that is the exception to a genre you don’t like…

I’m not keen on contemporary but the book that got me into trying to read a bit more of it was Fangirl. As a former fan fiction writer, this book made me feel so many things and I related to the MC more than I thought I would with a contemporary character.

Hermes, God of Messages, Travelers, and Thieves-

A book that stole your heart…

And it’s all because of Jem. No one can replace my Jem.

Hestia- Goddess of Hearth and Home

A book you go back to for comfort…

Nothing feels more like home than Harry Potter. Harry makes any bad day into a good one.

Demeter- Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility

Favorite book setting…

I love high fantasies. Im always into alternate worlds full of creatures and magic.

Dionysus, God of Wine and Feasting-

A book you are most anticipating in the next year.

Tower of Dawn, I want more Maas always!

Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads and Magic

Favorite magical read…


Nemesis, God of Revenge-

Favorite revenge story…

I have two, one fantasy and one horror. Mortal Danger and Assassin’s Heart are both excellent books.


That’s all for today, feel free to do the tag yourself or answer some in the comments.

From my shelf to yours,


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