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October 28, 2017     erinthebooknut     Book Tag

I have no idea where I originally found this as it was so long ago… I probably should have written it down.

But this, my friends, is the Pokemon Go Book Tag


Starters: The book that started your love for reading.

I feel like this one is going to be obvious…

Actually I read a lot of picture books before I read Harry Potter, but the only ones I really remember were LILY’S PURPLE PLASTIC PURSE (which I named my cat after), and IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE.

Pikachu: An iconic classic you’ll always love.

Come on, who doesn’t love HOLES? It’s a children’s classic by now. If only, if only the woodpecker sighed…

Zubat: A book that you lost interest in because it’s literally EVERYWHERE.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone has been talked about for….I don’t even know how long. And at this point I just don’t care about the trilogy or Laini Taylor.

Ditto: A Book that reminds you of another book that you love anyway.

The plot of PAWN is basically AMONG THE BARONS by Margaret Peterson Haddix, but I still enjoyed reading it.

Snorlax: A book/series that you have not started because of sheer size.

So this series has taken FOREVER to get it’s third book out and these first two are both massive. So I have been waiting until the last book was released to tackle these monsters.


Gengar: A book that kept you up late a night.

I read this book cover to cover one night, staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning to finish. It only took me a couple of hours and still sits among my favorite contemporaries of all time.

Nidoking/Queen: Your bookish OTP

Darkling/ Alina! I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a thing!

Rapidash: A fire-hot, fast paced read.

I think I read this book in about a day or two. It didn’t matter that it was a sizable book, I got through it so fast I hardly even noticed I was nearing the end until it was over.

Eevee: A series you’ll never get tired of reading spin offs for.

GRISHA FOREVER! If it’s Grishaverse, I’ll read it. I don’t even care. If it has Grisha characters I want it on my shelf. Novella? Mine. Folk tales? Mine. Special edition? Mine, mine, mine.

Magikarp: A series that was surprisingly awesome.

I kinda didn’t expect this series to be as awesome as it was, particularly the later books. Though GIRL OF FIRE OF THORNS wasn’t amazing, the subsequent 2 books definitely were.

Legendary: An overhyped series you’re still excited to read.

So TECHNICALLY I have started this book, but I stopped halfway through because my ADHD brain got distracted by a different shiny.

Mew and Mewtwo: A collector’s edition you wished you owned.

I kinda want all the editions of ACOMAF because I’m obsessed with it. But I have self control. Kinda. Sometimes.

Poke-Egg: A debut novel you’re excited for.

Honestly I can’t pick one. I guess if you twisted my arm it would be FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS by Julie Dao but I have so many on my shelves that I can’t pick one over another.

Lure Module: A autobuy author.

Maas             Richards        Aguirre

Bardugo       McGinnis       Matharu

Rowling       Arnett             Green

Lackey         Chima            Riordan

Pierce          Carson           Clare

Server’s Down: A release that you’ve been waiting for forever.

OMG FINALLY I can start this series. Unfortunately NO TWO BOOKS WILL MATCH! Ugh.


So that’s the tag! Answer some of these in the comments or link me to your post!

From my shelf to yours,




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