TFIOSOH: John Green + Ohio = Awesome

May 13, 2014     erinbook     Event, Feature

Cleveland, Ohio was one of only 4 tour stops on the The Fault in Our Stars movie tour last Wednesday. It is lucky for me I live nearby and was able to actually go. We took the red line into Tower City and found the event space absolutely packed. There’s a nice photo of the floor from our spot on the second balcony.


John wasn’t the only guest at the event. Main actors Shailine Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Nat Wolff were there too, and they seemed to be more interesting to the younger fans than John was. Unfortunately John’s plane was delayed and he was late to the event, which he informed fans of via his Twitter. The half an hour delay made many of the teenage fans impatient and chants like “Where’s John Green?” could be heard. But eventually he made it to the stage to everyone’s delight.
I am a Nerdfighter, a fact confirmed by the fact that the first thing I noticed was his PBS shirt. The event space was huge and echoing so we had a difficult time hearing what most of the actors were saying. Ansel in particular had a lot of people screaming over him.
We got ten minutes of unseen footage and a Q&A with John and the cast. A John Green event would never be complete without some goofiness, while Shailine and Ansel hugged, John bro-hugged Nat.
We all said good morning to John’s brother Hank for their video blog, the Vlogbrothers. If you haven’t watched them then you guys are missing out! The event was a blast and even though there was no signing, it was great just to hear them talk, tell stories, and goof off a bit.
This was one of my graduation gifts to myself (as of yesterday I am officially a college graduate), the other being my trip to Rochester for TBF. I’ll leave on Friday and have plenty more to share with you then. I have quite a large pile of books to get signed and I’ll probably buy more there so stay tuned to see those.
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