OAAA 2016: Random Bits of My Life in Travels from Erin McCahan

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Random Bits of My Life in Travels
(Title and Introduction All in One)


Favorite Beach: South Haven, MI
Use So Much Sunscreen I’m Practically Waterproof: South Haven, MI
Setting of My Forthcoming Novel, The Lake Effect: South Haven, MI
Fanciest Hotel: Limerick, Ireland
Creepiest Hotel: Raton, NM
Pushed a Dresser in Front of the Door: Raton, NM
Slept With the Lights On: Raton, NM
Ate Doughnuts at 3 in the Morning: New Orleans, LA
Such a Letdown: Hot Springs, VA
Like Expensive Summer Camp for Adults: Hot Springs, VA
Been to Summer Camp; Don’t Want to Go Back: Newaygo, MI
Lost My Temper: Salem, MA
Told Other Tourists, “This isn’t a Theme Park”: Salem, MA
Husband Suggested I Calm Down: Salem, MA
Learned I Descend from an Accused “Witch”: Salem, MA
Fell On a Cactus: Taos, NM
Forgot One of My Suitcases: London, England
Sobbed in the Airport: London, England
Hottest Trip: Jamestown, VA
Is It Possible to Sweat to Death?: Jamestown, VA
Got Food Poisoning: Orlando, FL
Barfed Through Disney World As a Result of Food Poisoning: Orlando, FL
Bought a Cowboy Hat: Denver, CO
Looked Like an Idiot in My Cowboy Hat: Denver, CO
Most Poignant Dinner Party: Washington, D.C.
Been There 2 Dozen Times, Still Gives Me The Chills: Gettysburg, PA
Got My Pocket Picked: Dublin, Ireland
Friendliest People: Holland, MI
Ate My Weight in Popcorn (Well, Almost): Chicago, IL
Rock-Climbed for a Week: Vedauwoo, Wyoming
Knew I Had Had My Fill of Rock-Climbing: Vedauwoo, Wyoming
Bought Very Cool Shoes: New York, NY
Got the Worst Blisters Ever from Cool New Shoes: New York, NY
Saw the Most Beautiful Bride Ever: Livonia, MI
First Tried Red Wine: St. Louis, MO
Discovered I Am Allergic to Red Wine When My Eye Swelled Shut: St. Louis, MO
A Surprising Adventure, Complete with Kittens: Pittsburgh, PA
Worth the Long Drive: Hilton Head, SC
There were Dolphins, Starfish and Adults-Only Pools: Hilton Head, SC
The Place that Speaks to Me: Concord, MA
Communed with the Spirits of Hawthorne, Alcott and Thoreau: Concord, MA
Stood on the Ground Where My 7th Great Grandfather Mustered in 1775: Concord, MA
Most Interesting Weekend Seminar: Fort Knox, KY
Saw the Church Where My Parents Were Married: Fort Knox, KY
I’ve Actually Been There: Ottumwa, IA
Most Important Pit Stop (I Can Explain, But It’s Gross): Dickerson, MD
Favorite Farmers Market: West Shore, PA
Most Heart-Breaking Cry: Mechanicsburg, PA
Still Visit My Grandparents’ Graves: Mechanicsburg, PA
Farthest From Home: Lourdes, France
A Wild Bear Walked Through Our Base Camp: Boundary Waters, MN
Didn’t Sleep a Wink: Base Camp, Boundary Waters, MN
Learned I’m a Yankee: Farmville, VA
Learned the Civil War is Not Quite Over: Farmville, VA
Worst Trip With My Mother: Lancaster, PA
Discovered My Mother Has No Sense of Direction: Lancaster, PA
Best Trip With My Mother: Southwest Ireland
Most Suspicious Flight Delay: Los Angeles, CA
Strangest Food: Glasgow, Scotland
Ate Garlic Mousse the Color of Brains: Glasgow, Scotland
Pleasantest Surprise: State College, PA
Learned I Have Some Normal Relatives: State College, PA
Best Family Vacay: Ocean City, NJ
Took a Trip Back in Time: Leavenworth, KS
Wow, Is That Brown: Texas Panhandle
Got Lost Every Day: Williamsburg, VA
Never Wanted to Leave: Boston, MA
Next Up (for a Little More Research for The Lake Effect): South Haven, MI

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From our shelves to yours,

Erin & Erin

2 responses to “OAAA 2016: Random Bits of My Life in Travels from Erin McCahan

  1. Theresa Snyder

    This one caught my eye as she’s been to several places I live by! It’s always nice to hear good things about local to me places!
    I’m definitely looking forward to Erin’s book The Lake Effect!

  2. Kathleen P

    Loved this. Sad she’s never been to DE or had any memorable experiences there since it’s so close to a few places she’s been.

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