Adult-ish by Cristina Vanko (Review and Giveaway)

April 22, 2017     erinthebooknut     Book review, Giveaway

Adult-Ish: A Journal of Grown-Up Firsts by Cristina Vanko
Published by Tarcherperigee on April 4th 2017
Pages: 208

My first real job. The first plant I kept alive more than a year. The first relationship I kept alive more than three months. In this hand-lettered and illustrated guided journal, you will have a place to record the firsts of becoming an adult. A new twist on baby books, "My Book of Grown-Up Firsts" is a charming and cheeky celebration of what it means to finally be a grown-up (sort of). From the first time you visited home without bringing dirty laundry to the first time you truly felt comfortable in your own skin, the small victories and meaningful milestones in this quirky, charming, and insightful journal make it a great gift and appealing journal for anyone starting out on the path of adulthood.


You’ve just graduated college, degree in hand, but now what? Do you feel any adultier than you did last night? Probably not. There’s never a time when suddenly, BAM you’re an adult and you totally have a handle on everything. Perhaps, this book can help.

Adult-ish is a funny sort of achievements journal to help you see truly how far you’ve come in life. Can you drive? Achievement unlocked. Got your own place? That’s one too. Got a significant other? Roommates? A pet? Kids? Achievement, achievement, achievement. You can color in it, paste init, do whatever you please with it. It’s your record to treat how you wish. 

Now I have anxiety and depression so personally I find this book to be a great tool. When I feel like everything is falling apart I now have a tool to look back at and go “look at everything I’ve done, look how far I’ve come.” To me that’s priceless.

There’s also a few pages for looking to the future. What do you want to save for? What are your goals? Both incredibly helpful things to know.

The best part is? It’s really fun. I sat down and played with my Adult-ish journal for a couple house, and I’m nowhere near done. It was a relaxing experience that I can now use to encourage myself in the future. The drawings are stylized and cute, making the whole process seem like playing with a coloring book. A coloring book that makes you feel good about yourself.

No matter what level of “adult” you thing you are or you aren’t I think this book can benefit everyone. A little encouragement can be everything to some of us. And that’s what this book really does, make you feel encouraged, successful, not alone. I know I need that. Whether you just graduated for you’ve held the title “adult” for a while I recommend this book to you.

This book gets 4.5 out of 5 nuts!

Are you interested in picking up Adult-ish? Well lucky you, I’m giving a copy away!

US only, to enter COMMENT below something that makes you feel like an adult OR what being an adult means to you. One fresh copy of Adult-ish will be sent to the winner, chosen randomly.

Good luck!

From my shelf toy yours,



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  1. Abbey B.

    I feel adult when I remember to replace my toothbrush more than once a year! Haha thanks for the giveaway!

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