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Bunnicula by James HoweBunnicula (Bunnicula, #1) by James Howe, Deborah Howe, Alan Daniel
Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers on August 8th 2006
Pages: 98

BEWARE THE HARE!Is he or isn't he a vampire?

Before it's too late, Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monroe household -- a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits... and fangs!

3.5 Nuts

This book is a classic for me. It defined my childhood reading tastes, I can’t tell you how many times I listened to the audiobook narrated by Victor Garber as a child, laughing at how sarcastic Chester’s voice was rendered on an old fashioned cassette tape. Yeah, I’m old. I remember cassette tapes. Many years later I had the good fortune to get my complete set of these books signed by the author at the age of 24. And I’m still a fan.

I love animals, always have. This series is narrated by a dog, Harold and features fellow aninals such as a hyped up cat named Chester and a supposed vampire bunny for whom the series is named. While I like Harold, my favorite character will always be Chester. He’s an over reacting, sarcastic, lunatic of a cat. And he always has the best lines in the book. I truly think he shaped my dry sense of humor at a young age.

The humans are very interesting. As a kid I always picture Toby and Pete to be much older than their actual written ages. I’m not sure why that is but now rereading it it’s a little difficult to reconcile those images with their actual ages. Whoops. I always wanted Mr Monroe to be my dad, how cool would it be to have a college English professor as your dad?

One of the things that makes these books stand out are the “editor’s notes” at the beginning of each book, detailing how the canine author arrives with each manuscript clenched in his teeth. For some reason as an adult I get so much more amusement out of that.

I recommend this book to anyone with young kids, whether you read them out loud to them or let them read them themselves. They’re both relatable with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. That is if you believe Chester’s theory that Bunnicula is indeed a vampire, as I do.

Did you read this book as a kid or with children of your own? Comment below!

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