Dead to You by Lisa McMann

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Dead to You by Lisa McMannDead to You by Lisa McMann
Published by Simon Pulse on February 7th 2012
Pages: 243

Some memories are better left untouched.

Ethan was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family.

It's a miracle... at first.

Then the tensions start to build. His reintroduction to his old life isn't going smoothly, and his family is tearing apart all over again. If only Ethan could remember something, anything, about his life before, he'd be able to put the pieces back together.

But there's something that's keeping his memory blocked.

Something unspeakable...

3 Nuts

I don’t read a lot of contemporary. It’s just… not my thing. So take that as you will before I get deep into this review.

I read this book in a couple of hours. I was kind of addicted, the story had me hooked pretty quickly, but I couldn’t say the book was more than just ok. This is not the kind of book I would want to reread. It’s just not worth the time or the effort. It’s a one time read that will hold you for a few hours and you can easily let go and forget about.

This story is in the same vein as Pretty Girl 13, only not as good. A kid who is kidnapped returns to his family and has a hard time adjusting. Only Pretty Girl 13 does everything better, from character to the family to the twist.

The characters are mostly one dimensional. Besides the MC and one of his family members, Ethan’s family is mostly just there. They’re kind of cut outs of people, robotic emotions and all. Only Ethan and his brother interest me, their relationship rocky at best.

The twist was actually pretty decently done, if a bit obvious. I mean if you’re paying attention you can kind of guess. The clues are all there. It’s the only thing that really makes this book stand out and probably the only thing I’ll remember about it a year or two down the road. I just think this book is only ok. It’s fine for a quick read but if theres an option between this and something better I’d drop this in a second without a thought.

I recommend this book for fans of Pretty Girl 13 and kidnap stories.

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