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September 15, 2017     erinthebooknut     Bookish Business


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When you think of big name bookish candle places who do you think of? Probably Melting Library, maybe A Court of Candles, and of course Novelly Yours.

When it comes to bookish candles and variety, there’s no one better than Novelly Yours. They have some of the biggest selection of scents, themes, and sizes. I particularly enjoy their teeny tiny 2 oz tins (which they have recently switched to jars) for testing out whether or not I like a scent.

The one complaint I had with Novelly Yours was with their labels. NY has probably the simplest labels out there, which honestly aren’t the best for pics. However I have noticed that the label quality has gone up quite a bit in their switch from tins to jars, adding a colored border to the label that makes them look much better than the original paper labels.

Novelly Yours

Novelly Yours candles are well priced, even cheap as bookish candles go in this community. They offer samples and tiny collections of tins that you can mix and match for a low enough price that you won’t break the bank trying to pick out your favorite scent.

My personal favorite scents vary. I really enjoy the High Lady candle that I ordered as the candle of the month, as well as my Darkling and my Night Triumphant. I’m really trying to get myself a Cunning candle to go in my Slytherin collection, and there are a few others I’d like to add as well.

I have heard tales of Novelly Yours candles melting in warmer temperatures, particularly in areas such as Florida or California if left outside or in un-air conditioned areas. Most candles will tell you to store in a cool, dry place when not being burnt, and this is why. I do not know if this is a phenomenon limited to just Novelly Yours or not but your best bet is always to keep your candles out of the heat.

I like Novelly Yours, especially as a starting point as you get into the world of bookish candles. They’re inexpensive, have great selection, and the majority of the scents are really nice. Not only that but Novelly Yours’ customer service is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. She is completely on top of any questions or problems you many have. She’s fixed more than one little whoopsie for me without question or hassle.

This is a 4 Nut business.

Who is your favorite candle maker? Share yours in the comments.

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2 responses to “Novelly Yours- Bookish Business Review

  1. Thanks for sharing about Novelly Yours!! I appreciate the write-up!
    I like to keep my labels “simple” so they’re versatile with photographs and can be incorporated into a lot of different things but I totally have the envy of the gorgeous backgrounds other companies use! They really are so beautiful! And woo hoo, yes! I did do a label upgrade to get a little bit better quality so thank you for sharing that! I’m so glad you like them and appreciate the upgrade!
    I did want to speak up regarding the melting issues — that’s just the nature of soy wax!! It has a much lower melting point than other waxes (like paraffin or bee’s wax) and no matter what soy candle company you order from, soy candles should neeever be left out in the sun or on porches for an extended period of time! That melting can happen to any candle company – it’s one of a soy candle-maker’s nightmares! (And I always encourage people to contact me if there are any issues so if you ever hear from someone as you mentioned, send them my way!!)
    Thanks again for posting!

    • erinthebooknut

      I loooove your upgraded labels, Brittany. They look so good! And the simple labels do make you stand out.

      I personally have never had an issue with melting, but I’ll send the people I talked to your way. Considering they’re from areas like Florida and California its not surprising. ITS HOT. Not your fault, just something that’s been discussed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, I do love your candles and I can’t wait to buy more. You have some of the best customer service around!

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