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November 20, 2017     erinthebooknut     Bookish Business


After the Book Beau debacle I was a little wary about book sleeve companies. Understandably, I was a bit loathe to spend any money with on. But my lovely co-blogger swore by AU Alternate Universe and proposed getting me one of their sleeves as an early Christmas present. The moment I saw this Legend of Zelda printed beauty I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

AU Alternate Universe sleeves are everything Book Beau was supposed to be. The prints are of a gorgeous high quality clarity, never faded or old looking. The stitching is neat and well done ensuring secure protection for your book while the inner lining that was missing from Book Beau cradles it lovingly. The inside is soft and roomy while the outside fabric is smooth with no wrinkling or pinching.

Meanwhile where the new Book Beaus are small (even the indies) and struggle to fit a decent hardcover my AU sleeve holds a full size copy of Crooked Kingdom with no issues.

Truly AU sleeves blow the manufactured Book Beaus out of the water with hardly an effort. While these sleeves don’t have extra pockets or clasps to secure the openings they are high quality and durable products at a more than reasonable price.

The thing I love most about AU sleeves though are the prints. AU sleeves come in some of the most gorgeous fabrics I’ve ever seen. Beautiful jelly fish, nerdy video games, classic literature, this company has it all. Not just selection but sheer variety for any and all tastes.

I highly recommend AU sleeves, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with mine. Jennie definitely picked a great company to buy from.

Check out their shop here! : Au AlternateUniverse on Etsy

What is your favorite sleeve company? Share in the comments.

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