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November 19, 2017     erinthebooknut     Bookish Business


Erin’s Review

I am so mixed on this one right now.

Flick the Wick has some beautiful products. First of all, the labels are beyond gorgeous and when I ordered for the first time I was so stoked. I’d heard so many good things, seen so many beautiful pictures, drooled over the website for so long. I knew they had a longish wait time so I patiently waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then the package showed up on my tracker! Yay, it was coming! So I waited some more.

And it didn’t show, didn’t even move.

Ok, I thought, let’s talk to the owner. She was pretty cool, explaining that she made the label then ran out of shipping supplies. She assured me that the candles were on the way and she would be adding a free candle for the wait. Ok awesome.

Finally my box arrives, sans extra candle. Which, ok, not that worried about, A little miffed, because why offer if you’re not going to do it, but whatever.

My candles were gorgeous and I liked the scents but they didn’t blow me away. I got a Rhysand and Stars Eternal which smell very similar. Seeing as Rhysand is Night Triumphant and FEYRE is Stars Eternal I was kind of confused by that. My Hobbitses candle was nice, though WAY too appley and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

I sent off a quick message to the owner confirming that my package did arrive (sans extra candle) and asking about more Tolkien candles since I’m completely obsessed.

She wrote back, saying the candle WOULD be coming, it just got overlooked and telling me about possible future candles. Cool, I think, I’ll wait til it gets here to review since it’ll be a new scent and different from what I got.

Aaaand… no candle. Weeks pass. Is it the PO? I’ve been having issues with them anyway so I eventually ask the owner for tracking in case I have to get on their case. She didn’t send, but promises she will the next day and get me tracking for if the tries to eat my stuff again.

And here we are, another week has gone by and nothing.

To be honest its not the candle I’m worried about, I didn’t pay for it so it’s cool. It’s just the fact that this customer service back and forth has been such a mess. And really these candles aren’t as nice as I expected. I don’t love them and at over $15 a jar I’m not really looking to buy more. They’re pretty and that’s about it. Maybe if I had gotten different scents I would have liked them more but from what I got I’m pretty disappointed.

If I get the extra someday, yay. Hopefully I like it better. If not, ok. I’m probably not buying from the company again based on wait time, experience, and product satisfaction. The little stamped boxes they come in are kind of cute but nothing remarkable. I’m just sort of underwhelmed.


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