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Amazon Deals and Recommendat..

Recently I started an influencer page through Amazon. The idea is that any revenue I get can go right back into hosting our site. However for the first few month of having this page up, I’m going to be using the funds to purchase any missing books in series donated to BOOKS FOR KIDS.  However another […]

August 6, 2018

AU AlternateUniverse Booksle..

AU AlternateUniverse Booksleeves- Bookish Business Review

  After the Book Beau debacle I was a little wary about book sleeve companies. Understandably, I was a bit loathe to spend any money with on. But my lovely co-blogger swore by AU Alternate Universe and proposed getting me one of their sleeves as an early Christmas present. The moment I saw this Legend […]

November 20, 2017
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Flick the Wick: Bookish Busi..

Flick the Wick: Bookish Business Review

  Erin’s Review I am so mixed on this one right now. Flick the Wick has some beautiful products. First of all, the labels are beyond gorgeous and when I ordered for the first time I was so stoked. I’d heard so many good things, seen so many beautiful pictures, drooled over the website for […]

November 19, 2017

Dust and Pages Bookish Colle..

Dust and Pages Bookish Collections- Business Spotlight

When it comes to custom Pops in this community there are two names I think first. One is A Page with a View, whom we’ve already covered. The other is Dust and Pages. Dust and Pages is found on Etsy and makes everything from custom Pop figures to bookmarks to prints and pins. They do a […]

November 12, 2017

The Learned Owl- Hudson, OH-..

The Learned Owl- Hudson, OH- Places to Go

  There’s a quaint little shop in Hudson, Ohio that sits nestled in a town halfway between Akron and Cleveland. The area is pretty well-to-do and great for shopping but Main Street holds the real jewel. The Learned Owl. Learned Owl is a gorgeous shop filled with books of all kinds. With the local library […]

November 5, 2017

Page With a View (Bookstagra..

Page With a View (Bookstagram Props and Custom Pops)- Business Spotlight

Longtime members of the community may know the name Page with a View as a popular blogger but did you know they also have an Etsy shop? Now what would a blogger/bookstagrammer sell? Bookstagram props and custom Pop figures of course! There are a couple of popular Funko Pop customizers in the community and A Page […]

November 3, 2017
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Shire Post Mint- Business Sp..

Shire Post Mint- Business Spotlight

If there’s one thing nerds, geeks, and bookworms have in common its that we LOVE to own stuff from our favorite fandoms. Replica blades, themed candles, custom Pop figures, we love it all! But how many of you have thought to buy coins from your favorite books and fandoms? I’ve got just the place! Shire […]

October 5, 2017

Book Beau- Bookish Business ..

Book Beau- Bookish Business Review

  Oh boy. This is going to be a doozy. This is going to be a review in two parts. Both Erin and Jennie have some things to talk about in regards to the company that is Book Beau, and and not much of it is good. Erin’s Review: When you talk about book sleeves […]

October 4, 2017

The Bookshelf Medina Expands..

The Bookshelf Medina Expands- Places to Go

I’ve talked here before about one of my favorite chains of used bookstores in Medina County, Ohio but today we’re just talking about one location, the on off Medina’s historic Square. If you want to know more about the stores, check out this   post. Now the main store in Medina city proper is probably […]

September 28, 2017

The Book Store- Medina, OH: ..

The Book Store- Medina, OH: Places to Go

Not gonna lie, when it comes to bookish places to go Medina, Ohio is heaven. I’ve previously talked about Project Learn’s Bookshelf used stores, but Medina has another really great little treasure to check out as well. That is The Book Store, a little indie bookstore right off of Medina’s historic Square. Now we all […]

September 27, 2017