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October 5, 2017     erinthebooknut     Bookish Business, Business Spotlight

Photo courtesy of Shire Post Mint

If there’s one thing nerds, geeks, and bookworms have in common its that we LOVE to own stuff from our favorite fandoms. Replica blades, themed candles, custom Pop figures, we love it all! But how many of you have thought to buy coins from your favorite books and fandoms?

I’ve got just the place! Shire Post Mint is a US based fantasy coin maker with some of the most GORGEOUS stock I’ve ever seen. They use an old fashion coin press to make authentic looking aged coins from all sorts of fantasy brands.

Game of Thrones fans? Who wants some half dragons from their favorite house?

Permission, Shire Post Mint

Shire Post is your mint for that! Or maybe you want something from Braavos or Volantis? Maybe some Dothraki coin? They’ve got that too!

Maybe your tastes run a bit more Tolkien? You’re in luck. Shire Post’s Middle Earthen coins are beautiful beyond words!

Perhaps a Rivendell half moon would be to to your taste? Or a mithril summer leaf in gorgeous shimmering green. Some Shire coin of the Hobbits or a Gondorian silver Crown? And you can even get them drilled and hung on a chain to wear as a necklace! I can sit here and look at this site all day.

Mistborn fans also have something to look forward to with Shire Post! They are currently running a Kickstarter for Mistborn coins with 23 days to go!


Courtesy of SPM


Though I haven’t get gotten into this series I’m really excited by this Kickstarter. Shire Post does wonderful work, each coin made one at a time the old fashioned way so they will never become worn or flake with use.

The company also make original coins and historical fiction pieces too! Want Vlad Dracula’s face staring up at you from circular metal? Shire Post has it. Gaming coins, flipping coins, and spinners? Shire Post is there for all of your coin dreams. Shire Post coins are posted in wax sealed envelopes too, why not go the extra mile, right?


Courtesy SPM


Yes the coins can run a little on the expensive side, but honestly for the amount and process that goes into each piece I’d day the price is warranted. I’m going to be saving up for some of my favorite pieces because I can’t wait to hold a bit of Tolkien’s and Martin’s worlds in my hand.

I highly recommend checking out SPM’s website and checking out what else they have. They make coins for the Kingkiller Chronicles, Wheel of Time, and more! You’ll just have to do as I did and spend half your evening browsing their website.

What’s your favorite bookish/nerdy business? Share in the comments.

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