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September 26, 2017     erinthebooknut     Bookish Business

Photo courtesy of Tracy @ Cornerfolds Candles

I’m relatively new to the land of bookish candle making, but I love collecting them. As a candle lover, I am drawn to other people of a similar mind. This is how I found Tracy of Cornerfolds Candles.

Tracy, like me, is a blogger ( We’ve been part of the same blogger groups and chats for a couple of years but I never really got into actually collecting candles until recently. Of course the moment I did I had to buy from Tracy, both because she’s my friend and her labels are freaking gorgeous.

Tracy and her partner Cristina have their shop at Etsy. Cornerfolds Candles runs out of Florida and is one of my favorite places to get candles. I own quite of bit of their stock right now, from Grisha, to Harry Potter, to Halloween themed candles.

Cornerfolds has both tins and jars available for many of their scents. I’m personally a fan of the tins, as they’re easier to store and she has labels printed on both the side and top of the tin. The tops feature the title of the candle and Tracy’s shop name while the side gives the scents and a quote from the book (or sometimes movie) the candle is themed around.


Cornerfolds Candles

Cornerfolds’s labels are gorgeous. They look as good or better than some of the ones I’ve seen from regular companies like AI Root or Yankee. Especially in the bookish community they blow quite a few other companies out of the water. The top labels in particular are high quality with beautiful backgrounds behind the text.

Likewise, the look of Cornerfolds’ candles are top quality. My personal favorite is the Hocus Pocus inspired Toil and Trouble (shown above) with its smoke cauldron-like look. Other candles from Cornerfolds often have glitter or flecks of other colored wax (see her IT inspired candle with bloody droplets).

I love the scents that Cornerfolds has available right now. So far I have bought two Grisha inspired (both Darkling and Fjerda smell amazing), a Slytherin themed called Cunning and Ambition (very minty with a fabulously glittery top), a Before She Ignites candle called The Sanctuary that I’m completely obsessed with, and the ever gorgeous Toil and Trouble. It’s a personal exercise in self control that keeps me from buying the rest of her candles as well.

Cornerfolds Candles

Cornerfold’s prices are really inexpensive at $7.50 for a 4oz tin or $13.50 for the 8oz jars. That’s about standard or a little lower than I’ve seen at comparable shops, and her labels are higher quality than many at the same price point. She ships worldwide too!

I highly recommend Cornerfolds Candles. They have fast shipping, great customer service, and Tracy offers custom candle orders as part of her shop. Though they temporarily closed because of Hurricane Irma, Cornerfolds is back up and running. Tracy and Cristina are friendly, creative candle makers whom I will continue supporting for a long time.

Check out Cornerfolds Candles on Etsy!

Who do you like to get your bookish candles from? Share your favorite shops in the comments.

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