A Fine Welcome– Othello’s Journey by Taran Matharu

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A Fine Welcome– Othello’s Journey by Taran MatharuA Fine Welcome: Othello's Journey by Taran Matharu
Published by Feiwel & Friends on March 15th 2016

Readers of The Novice, Book One in the Summoner Trilogy by Taran Matharu, will know Othello as the brave dwarven classmate of Fletcher's at Vocans Academy. How Othello got to Vocans from his village, against all odds, is detailed in this exclusive e-short.

3.5 Nuts

I adore these little side stories. The books are always focused mostly on the MC and his journey but what about the other characters? What about Sylvia and Arcturus and Othello. Othello? Well Othello has his own story. So does Arcturus for that matter but that’s a different story.

The plight of the dwarves is represented for most of the series by Othello and sometimes his twin brother Atilla. I suppose I’m glad Othello doesn’t live up to the namesake, the Moor who ends up killing his wife in Willaim Shakespeare’s play of the same name. Othello’s story is mostly one of an oppressed people, attempting to rise above oppression and gain the equality they deserve as citizens of their country.

Mostly though, this little story is about how Othello gets to school. It’s short, as novellas usually are, but it gives you a bit more insight into his character. Mostly though, it makes me wish he had his own book or series. I would love to see more about the dwarves and how they live. After all, Arcturus gets his own story.

This story is not necessary when reading the series but its nice to add into the lore. Mostly I would just recommend it to fans of the series or anyone who is interested in starting the series but worried they might not like it.

Do you read novellas? Yes or no? Share in the comments.

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