Third Evil: Fear Street Cheerleaders by R.L Stine

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Third Evil: Fear Street Cheerleaders by R.L StineThe Third Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #3) by R.L. Stine
Published by Simon Pulse on October 1, 1992
Pages: 165

It’s back!

Did the evil spirit really leave Kimmy’s body? The cheerleaders of Shadyside High can still feel its dark presence, and Corky knows that it is out there, somewhere close. And getting closer.

Corky is tormented night after night by dreams of her dead sister, Bobbi. What terrifying message is Bobbi trying to tell her? When the evil begins again—more horrible, more gruesome than ever—Corky knows it is up to her to learn the century-old secrets and destroy the evil spirit’s power for good. But so many have died already—will Corky be next?

4.5 Nuts

“Guess who’s back. Back again. Corky’s back. Tell a friend”

And so here we are, the last book in the original Fear Street Cheerleaders series. Of course there are 2 more, plus the origin story (which is technically a Fear Street Saga but I totally consider it part of the Cheerleaders canon as well.)

THIRD EVIL once again follows the struggle of Corky vs The Evil, and Corky is determined to win. Though this book features less murder than the others, I think it’s almost a bit more brutal. After all, the characters who are suffering don’t have death as a way out. They just keep getting hurt. That’s almost worse.

I like how this book ties together all the things Corky has learned about The Evil throughout all of the books. She remembers , she doesn’t just stubble onto the solution. IT is earned through 3 books of fighting this thing and learning what works and what doesn’t. Stine has a real knack for giving his heroes information in ways that are organic and make sense. It’s no wonder he’s still churning out Fear Street novels to this day.

This book is really the culmination of the main series. After this is where it starts to get weird. Real weird. If you wanted to stop with the THIRD EVIL, you absolutely could. It is a full story with nearly perfect closure. But completionists like me have to continue with the rest. And weird as they are, it’s kind of worth it.

This is an enduring mini series within the Fear Street canon. When people talk about the series, I always hear these three books mentioned, sometimes accompanied by the sequels but just as often not. People remember these books, and they were fairly old by the time I got a chance to read them. They came out the year I was born, after all.

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