The New Evil: Fear Street Super Chiller by R.L. Stine

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The New Evil: Fear Street Super Chiller by R.L. StineThe New Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #4: Fear Street Superchiller, #7) by R.L. Stine
Published by Simon Pulse on December 1, 1994
Pages: 199

Gone forever…

Corky and the Shadyside cheerleaders are sure that the evil spirit is destroyed. The terror is over.

Then Hannah is mysteriously thrown through the car window. And Naomi is nearly burned to death. One horrifying accident after another. And now Corky can no longer keep her greatest fear to herself—the evil is back!

But where is it?

Corky, Kimmy, and Debra aren’t waiting to find out. They have a plan to draw the evil out. Draw it out and destroy it for good. Unless, of course, the evil destroys them first…


3 Nuts

What in the devil’s hell is this?

As a young reader who had decimated all the age appropriate books long before my peers, I moved on to these scary little novels quite early. And I loved them, reading every single one. Somehow though, even though I KNOW I read this book, I must have completely blocked it out. And now I think I know why.

If the original trilogy is the best loved of the Cheerleaders books, I think perhaps this little seasonal ditty is probably least loved. Whoa boy is this book just plain weird. A totally different evil (I think?), and some really weird Christmas-y vibes, this book seems to have no clue what it’s supposed to be.

It this a new cheerleader book? A seasonal one off? Something mostly it’s own. Paranoia at its finest? Depending on who you ask the answer to all of these questions is yes, which leaves the reader pretty damn confused. Especially by the ending.

And see, that’s the part that completely throws me off in this book. The rest, while a little messy, seems like the cheerleaders fighting The Evil. Except, no, not THE Evil. As the title suggests (even spoils, really), this is not OUR Evil. Until Corky does a dumb thing and sets everything off. Good job, Corky.

Guys, think before you do the thing, you just made it that much harder for yourselves. This is a case of the MCs making everything harder for themselves. This one just as easily could not exist. Weird. Just weird. And of course the next book kind of just let the events of this one slide on by. What happened to everyone? What is going on with the NEW EVIL? Why is there nothing explaining any of this?

What is the most confusing book you’ve read? Share in the comments below.

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