The Evil Lives!: Fear Street Super Chiller by R.L Stine

October 11, 2018     erinthebooknut     Book review

The Evil Lives!: Fear Street Super Chiller by R.L StineThe Evil Lives! (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #5: Fear Street Super Chiller, #13) by R.L. Stine
Published by Pocket Books on January 1, 1998
Pages: 167

Now the terror continues…

Everyone at Shadyside High remembers when Corky Corcoran destroyed the evil spirit. The evil that attacked the cheerleaders. The evil that killed Sarah Fear one hundred years ago.

No one expected the evil to come back. No one knew that there was only one way to defeat it forever. No one knew that the answer lay hidden in Sarah Fear’s grave.

Now the cheerleaders must discover the secret…before it’s too late.

3.5 Nuts

Lawd, we’re back to weird.

This book follows in more the vein of NEW EVIL than in the original trilogy. Meaning: it’s very weird. However, there’s plenty of good in this one to counteract the weird and the worst of that is mostly confined to the end of the novel. But I digress.

This Cheerleaders novel is set long after the first, a new generation having taken over and referring to the style of Corky and friends as “Old”. Thanks for that, book. You make me feel old for loving the original. These new characters are quite a bit less perky than some of the original but they’re also a bit less complex. But I suppose if I want my backstory and flashbacks then this is what I’m going to have to put up with.

And really, those are the things that save the book. We finally get the origins of the feared “EVIL”, and it’s not what you may think. I remember that this history is what I loved most about this series, and the whole reason I read the Sagas afterward. This is creepy.. THIS is what I came for.

However I DON’T remember this whole time travel plotline, nor the retconning of all the past stories. I guess my brain did me a solid by blocking that out. Not. A. Fan. Really, I might as well get the whole story from AWAKENING EVIL anyway, which tells it without the weird sci fi moment that just sort of forced its way into the end of this novel. Since when is there time travel on Fear Street? Am I missing something? Visions is one thing but this?

#Confused #Why.

If you think the story of The Evil is cool, give this a read. But it may not be worth a reread or trying to track this one down for a collection. I’ glad I just got it on kindle to be honest. Maybe I just have more taste as an adult.

What book would you like to rewrite parts of? Share in the comments.

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