The Second Evil: Fear Street Cheerleaders by RL Stine

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The Second Evil: Fear Street Cheerleaders by RL StineThe Second Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #2) by R.L. Stine
Published by Simon Pulse on September 1, 1992
Pages: 167

Corky Corcoran is sure it's just her imagination when she sees her dead sister rise from the grave. Or is it?

Corky is trying to put the nightmare of Bobbi's death behind her—she's back on the Shadyside cheerleading squad and has become friends with Kimmy and Debra. But everything is not back to normal for Corky—she hears horrible screams in the gym, her friend has become obsessed with the occult, and a strange young man is following her. And then the murders begin again...

Has the evil spirit from the Fear Street cemetery returned to destroy them one by one?

4.5 Nuts

And we’re back in Shadyside for another round of cheerleader murder. You know, I think the fact that these were my favorites says a lot about me. There may have been a few moments I rooted for The Evil. But enough about that, let’s continue!

The Evil is at it again, but who is it possessing now? This is the point where the books start to get very creepy. And a bit graphic. 12 year old me was entranced. 26 year old me loves a good gross horror story.

Where book one spends all of its time establishing this person and that, book two is all killing time and mystery solving. These high school kids die in some of the most spectacularly gross ways. I really do love it. This series would make superb teen slasher films, which is part of its charm.

Debra goes full on goth witch in this book, a huge turnaround from book one. I think she’s one of the oddest characters in this series. I hardly know what to make of her. And she just keeps getting weirder. I wonder if Stine ever wrote a book about her.

I love that even though The Evil is always responsible for the creepy and murderous goings on with the Cheerleaders, the possession victim always changes. You still get the whodunit factor along with knowing what the big bad is. Now the problem is trying to kill the damn thing. Good luck with that.

This is a really good installment in the series. The first 3 books really are the best, and then they start to get a little weird. Until AWAKENING EVIL, that is. But as the original trilogy goes, this is probably the strongest. OR at least tied with the next.

Who is your least favorite of the cheerleaders? Share your pick below.

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