OAAA 2016: The Recap!

April 29, 2016     erinthebooknut     Feature, OAAA, Recap

So do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well the bad news is that Ohio Author Appreciation in April is over. Sad days!

The good news is that this recap will help you go back and reread your favorites or check out the posts that you’ve missed!

So here are all the posts, organized in order of the date they were posted.

OAAA 2016: Massive Giveaway!

OAAA 2016: Cinda Williams Chima on Flamecaster

OAAA 2016: A Chat with Mindy McGinnis

OAAA 2016: Liz Coley- Just Browsing, Thank You

OAAA 2016: An Interview with Margaret Peterson Haddix

OAAA 2016: Speaking with Geoffrey Girard

OAAA 2016: Writing Success by Mindee Arnett

OAAA 2016: LS Mooney on Middles

OAAA 2016: Random Bits of My Life in Travels from Erin McCahan

OAAA 2016: Interview With Jenny Perinovic

OAAA 2016: Why Jane Austen by Zoe Burton

OAAA 2016: An Interview with Carrie Bebris

OAAA 2016: Writing Rituals with Leanna Renee Hieber

OAAA 2016: Regina Jeffers on Jane Austen

OAAA 2016: Chilling with Laura Bickle

OAAA 2016: Dream Casting with Amanda Flower

OAAA 2016: A Kristen Simmons Giveaway

OAAA 2016: Jody Casella on Writer’s Block

OAAA 2016: An Interview with Vicki Leigh

OAAA 2016: Playlists with Natalie D. Richards

So enjoy the posts! Both giveaways end at the beginning of May so if you want to enter you’d better do it soon!

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